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Advantages of e learning:


Although the foundation of education is still learning, reading and writing, today’s generation of students need a broader platform for learning. This platform has been provided by Digichamps, India’s leading education portal which provides students with an in the creased flexibility of syllabus, a wider variety of options online which guides them on how to score more in school examinations. Digichamps aims at disrupting the Indian education sector to bring affordable education for all those who need it.Online learning brings with it a host of advantages that the student could benefit from like a personalized learning experience. Digigurus help students by providing them notes which are high in a form active and to the point. Certain curricula might also need specialized instructors. These instructors do not have to travel to different locations for classes and lose valuable time in the process, they can just remain at one place and use online media to provide knowledge to students in other locations.Also, online learning gives the provision of a flexible time schedule as prerecorded content such as lectures and seminars can be viewed later on at a suitable time by the student. Online learning also gives the student up to date study material. Textbooks are expensive to maintain and deliver. Online learning solves this issue by providing extensive sources of information at a very negligible price. Technology helps students to independently organize and manage their learning process .So what are you waiting for, Download Digichamps app on Google Play store today - https::////ggoo..ggl//UUhXwL 3 

Barriers for online learning in India:


Severe limitations of technology infrastructure also serve to hamper enthusiasm and the widespread use of e-learning technologies. These restrictions range from inadequate network speed and bandwidth capacity to incompatibility across different platforms and between different content materials. The bandwidth refers to the capacity of a communication channel to carry information (eg., text, graphics, audio and videos)). The insufficient bandwidth wa s rated as the most significant barrier in a survey where 65%% of those surveyed indicated that increased transfer speed would result in increased usage for them. On a positive note, software and hardware incompatibility and low bandwidth are poised to improve rapidly as standards for interoperability are being developed.
The technological revolution in India is very recent, so the general population has not adopted it completely but statistics show that students prefer using technology in education to the traditional classroom approach. That is why Digichamps, India’s leading online education portal has adopted the approach of tab-based classroom learning which is taught by Digigurus who are professionals in this industry with years of experience. Digichamps is preferred by students all over India because of its personalized approach to its students.So what are you waiting for, Download Digichamps app on Google Play store today https::////ggoo..ggl//UUhXwL3

Challenges to E learning in India:


Some of the challenges that e-learning initiatives could face from the Institutions of Higher Education Management include awarding a recognized degree for students might become imperative for Institutions offering online e-learning course. Most employers require a certifying endorsement from students. A fall from the above could be rising number of Online Institutions offering courses with spurious certificates, which may not have any value. Since the e-learning method is self - paced and self - learnt, the attention length of the student may not be enough for him//her to learn a concept. Generally, the duration of the course also matters in this mode of lecture delivery. Lastly, the Legal implications of e-learning come into play. Once again, we should not forget that e-learning over the internet is across geographical boundaries. This makes it tougher for the enforcing authorities to have a global legal framework for the net offender. Also measuring the level of success and the return on investment would be difficult.In spite of the challenges mentioned above, there are many advantages that online learning brings with itself like better testing methods, personalize d learn ing and cheaper costs. Due to these factors, online learning continues to thrive in the country. There is a multitude of online learning platforms which are a part of this revolution but Digichamps is the one of a kind E-learning portal available in the country because of its excellent service to its students. Digichamps is not just an EdTech firm but a revolutionary concept that is designed to help students not only score more marks in exams but also understand and retain the concepts they learn.. It is the best and most cost-effective education company which provides the best-personalized service to all its students.So what are you waiting for, Download Digichamps app on Google Play store today - https::////ggoo..ggl//UUhXwL3

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