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Can I sign in at the same time from multiple devices?

No, because of security reasons, we have forbidden signing in at the same time from multiple devices. However, you can use the same ID to sign in from a different devices but not simultaneously. If simultaneous login happens, then you will be auto-logged out from the device you would have signed in to earlier.

If I sign up using mobile app, then sign in through the website, will my progress on the app reflect on the website?

Yes absolutely..The website and app are interlinked, so any progress of yours either on the app or the website will reflect on the other one. However if you have subscribed to an offline package where you access the videos through an encrypted SD Card provided by us, then the progress won’t be mapped on the website or the app.

Can I create two IDs using one phone number?

No, each ID is mapped to a single phone number. So you can’t use a single phone number to create two accounts for two children.

Can I use two accounts using one email ID?

Yes, you can use one email ID to create two or more accounts. We have facilitated this keeping the user convenience of students in mind.

What if I have entered wrong details while signing up?

You can always go to the profile page and edit the information.

What if I don’t receive the OTP?

If you don’t receive the OTP at first go, you should click on Resend OTP option. If you still don’t get an OTP, we request you to wait for some time since there might be some glitch in your mobile network.

What if I forget my password?

Click on the FORGOT MY PASSWORD option, and follow the procedure subsequently.

For which classes and which curriculum are the packages currently available?

The packages are currently available for the students from Class VI-X from CBSE Medium. However other medium students can also use the same to enhance their standard and knowledge since the concepts in all the boards are more or less same.

What is Chapter Limit in the packages?

Chapter Limit defines the number of chapter you can choose according to your will from a particular class. Suppose a package gives you a chapter limit of 5 Chapters, that means you can choose any 5 chapters of your choose from either Maths or Science and get access to all the videos, notes, question banks, analytical tests of those 5 chapters.

What does validity in a package mean?

Validity of a package means the time duration after which the package will expire. For example a package entitles you 30 days validity, that means after 30 days from your purchase date, you can no longer access the content of the chapters you bought through that particular package.

Can I buy two packages at the same time?

Yes, you can but ideally advise you not to since that will be a lose to you. It is better to purchase to highest package to get the maximum content. Also you can’t purchase packages of two different classes from the same account.

What is the difference between Pro & Pro+ and Champion and Champion+?

Any package without a ‘+’ sign just provides you with an online access of content however any package with ‘+’ sign provides you both online and offline access of content. For offline access of content, we provide you with a tablet and an encrypted SD Card through which you can access content without the use of internet.

I have ordered a Pro+/Champion+, when do I get my tablet?

You will get your tablet and encrypted memory card within 10 working days from the day of your purchase.

Can I get a refund once I purchase a package?

Generally we don’t provide any refund once the purchase is made. However, we do consider certain inevitable circumstances.

Can I use Credit Card for payment?

Yes, you can use a credit card for payment.

Is my card information safe with you?

We use a third party vendor for handling and processing payments. However we can assure you that almost all the e-commerce players use these vendors and these third party payments company have always kept the information safe and secured.

Do I also have an Cash on Delivery/EMI Option?

Currently there is no Cash on Delivery/EMI Option available. However we are soon launching an EMI Option for the parents.

Where do I get discount coupons?

Generally some promo codes are available on the website itself. However you can get special promo codes either through your school or some of our special affiliates.

Can I use two promo codes for the same purchase?

No you can’t use two promo codes for the same purchase.

How do I upgrade my package?

You can always visit the package section and upgrade your package choosing the package which is appropriate for you.

Why are some of my videos locked?

Your videos are locked because you have not subscribed to the desired package or you have not subscribed to those videos.

How can I have an access to all the videos?

You can have an access to the same by purchasing the Champion+ package.

Do I have an access to notes and question banks of chapters I have not subscribed to while purchasing packages?

No, you do not get an access.

What is Pre-Requisite Test?

While studying a certain chapter, you need to have an idea about certain fundamental concepts. These fundamental concepts are generally taught to you in previous classes. If you don’t understand these fundamentals, then you would never understand this chapter. Pre-requisite tests help you evaluate yourself on particular fundamentals that are required for a chapter. So it is always advised to give a pre-requisite test before starting with a chapter.

What is a global test?

A global test is a test that will be given by all the students of your grade all over the world at a pre-decided date and time.

How many times can I give a chapter based test?

You can only give a chapter based test three times and each time the questions are going to be different.

What is an offline package?

An offline package gives you an option to access the content offline (i.e. without the use of internet) through a tab provided by us and an encrypted memory card.

Can I download the videos, question banks and study notes?

No you can’t download the videos, question banks or the study notes since they are encrypted. Somehow if you manage to do, that will be a punishable offence since all our product have copyrights. So refrain yourself from such acts.

How many doubts can I ask?

You can ask unlimited doubts. We are always there to help you.

How will parents get to know their child’s performance?

Parents currently can access their child’s performance from the child’s account. However in three months, we are coming up with a specialized parent’s app through which they can monitor their child’s performance.

Can I ask my subject doubts through chat?

We are sorry but that option is currently unavailable with us.